The medical thermometers by UEBE built the company’s reputation more than 100 years ago and established the basis of the further development of temperature measurement.

You can count on the reliability and high qualitiy workmanship of our Domotherm medical thermometers!
An increase in the human body temperture is called fever.

It is important to measure and control your body temperature in order to diagnose numerous illnesses, to establish a diagnosis and to determine the type of treatment. We naturally decide to use a clincal thermometer when we feel sick because of a cold or because of some other illness.

The correct measurement of the body temperature depends on a precise medical thermometer, a suitable point of measurement and the measuring methods. What kind of thermometer you choose depends on your personal needs. However, when buying a medical thermometer, it is important to pay attention to quality and accurate measuring. Domotherm offers the products you need. They are suitable for oral, rectal, axillar and ear measurement.
Reliable temperature values convey security.

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