120 years ago, the druggist Wilhelm Uebe in the small German town of Zerbst founded the global success of a simple diagnostic device: he developed the clinical thermometer as we know it today, which then began its triumphal march around the world. Ingenious inventions are often very simple. Wilhelm Uebe came up with the idea of melting the upper end of glass thermometers instead of closing them with a plaster stopper.

The plus in safety and hygiene prevails. For years, UEBE’s medical thermometers have been the world’s best-selling self-diagnostic aids.

Learn here how the thermometer factory Wilhelm Uebe, Zerbst developed in over 120 years:

In 1890, the druggist Wilhelm Uebe in the small German town of Zerbst founded the global success of a simple diagnostic device: he developed the clinical thermometer as we know it from that time, which then began its triumphal march around the world.

Customers of his drugstore increasingly came to Wilhelm Uebe wanting to buy good thermometers, but there were no really flawless ones, so Wilhelm Uebe decided to manufacture thermometers himself. He founded the “First and largest thermometer factory, Zerbst (Anhalt)”. At that time still under the name Wilhelm Uebe – Spezial-Fabrik Medizinischer und Chemischer Thermometer – export of thermometers and glass instruments for nursing.

The company started with three products:

  • Uebe’s Minute Maximum Thermometer with Aluminum Scale, also known as: “Uebe’s Original”.
  • Uebe’s Maximum Tropical Thermometer
  • Uebe’s cutlery – a clinical thermometer with matching measuring glass for direct disinfection of the thermometer especially for doctors

As a mark all thermometers had the cross in the scale head, in the course of the next decades the cross developed into a sign of quality. Until today the cross is preserved, you can still find it in our company logo.

The innovative spirit of Wilhelm Uebe is still the driving force of our company today.

The first hygienic thermometers

In 1890, the druggist Wilhelm Uebe developed the modern, closed clinical thermometer as we still know it today. He came up with the idea of melting the glass thermometer at the upper end instead of closing it with a plaster stopper. This further development increased the safety of use and the hygiene standard of the clinical thermometer. UEBE Medical developed from this small approach. For years, their medical thermometers were the world’s best-selling self-diagnostic aids. After the expiration of the protection period of this invention , the fused thermometers became the legal definition.

Only three years after the founding of the Wilhelm UEBE company, word of the success and quality of “Uebe’s Thermometer” had spread throughout the world. This was also shown by the fact that UEBE was one of the German exhibitors at the 1893 World’s Fair in Chicago and presented to the whole world the first hygienic, fully encapsulated clinical thermometers.

The World’s Columbian Exposition 1893 was a world’s fair held in Chicago from May 1 to October 30, 1893, the nineteenth of its kind. The exposition was held to commemorate the four hundredth anniversary of Columbus’ discovery of America.

Even then it was known that the body temperature changes in the course of the female cycle. Shortly before ovulation, the so-called basal body temperature rises briefly. By precisely monitoring the temperature, every woman can find out for herself on which days she is fertile.

UEBE managed to “spread” the scale of the thermometers in 1952. This means that the distances between the individual unit lines were increased. This allowed the finest temperature differences to be displayed.  This technology paved the way for a new type of cycle control for women. To this day, special thermometers for women are successfully marketed under the cyclotest brand.

The Second World War made it necessary for UEBE to leave their home in Zerbst as Soviet zone refugees.

In the beautiful Tauber valley, a completely new start was made in the old premises of the local winegrowers’ cooperative. Later, production took place in the company’s own newly built factory premises.

The birth of blood pressure measurement for private individuals. The first semi-automatic blood pressure monitors set new standards in self-diagnosis. To this day, visomat stands for innovative, high-quality and precise blood pressure monitors.

The harbingers of the electronic age. Digital displays are gaining ground in households and industry. The easy-to-read digital display is also a market trend for thermometers.

Four years after the blood pressure monitor brand visomat was founded, visocor is also established on the market as a brand for stethoscope blood pressure monitors. In contrast to the automatic or semi-automatic visomat devices, visocor focused purely on stethoscope devices or aneroid manometers with stethoscope in the early years, at that time as handheld and desktop devices.

Due to new technical possibilities the brand developed further. The product range now only includes fully automatic blood pressure monitors, which can be purchased exclusively from specialist retailers. visocor stands for premium brand quality at affordable prices.

In 1985, the company Hestia Mannheim founds the brand “Domotherm” for digital thermometers. The name Domotherm is composed of the words “Domo” for the house or home and “Therm” for temperature. The well-known Domotherm TH1 has been sold and proven a million times over to this day.

The long-standing, proven Uebe thermometers have been completely absorbed into Domotherm over the years. UEBE Medical GmbH remains true to its core competence of temperature measurement, which Wilhelm Uebe revolutionized in 1890. Today, in addition to the common rod thermometers with fixed or flexible tips, there are also digital ear thermometers and other products in the Domotherm range available from specialist retailers.

Pregnancy planning in a completely natural way: what woman doesn’t want that? With a highly precise cycle minicomputer (e.g. Cyclotest 2 Plus), this is reliably possible. It determines the fertile and infertile days in a woman’s cycle and can thus be used either for contraception or for targeted family planning.

How does it work? Quite simply via the body temperature directly after waking up. The morning temperature is strongly influenced by the course of the cycle. At the time of ovulation, it rises by a few tenths of a degree. The computer measures this temperature change using a highly sensitive thermometer, stores it and evaluates it. It calculates the infertile, fertile and highly fertile days and shows them clearly on the display.

If the computer displays infertile days, the woman who uses it is naturally protected from conception. However, as soon as the computer’s display shows one or even two flashing baby symbols, contraceptive measures must be taken during this time.

Couples who have perhaps been waiting a long time for the desired child or who want to plan a pregnancy very specifically can use the computer to identify the days on which the chances of pregnancy are particularly high. A woman is only fertile on a few days during her cycle.

To determine the best time even more clearly, the concentration of the “ovulation hormone” LH in the urine can also be measured. The concentration of LH increases in the middle of the cycle and indicates that ovulation will occur in the next 24 to 36 hours. Then the probability of pregnancy is very high. Sometimes unintentionally childless couples simply do not reach their goal because the timing of the partner’s readiness to conceive is not right.

In order to promote the innovative strength of the German economy and strengthen the international competitiveness of the Federal Republic of Germany, Wirtschaftsclub Rhein-Main e.V., Frankfurt, Wirtschaftswoche, Düsseldorf, and highTech. Munich, award the Innovation Prize of the German Economy, which is under the patronage of the Federal Minister for Research and Technology.

Shortly after the introduction of the cyclotest minicomputer for determining fertile and infertile days, UEBE Medical GmbH received the award. A big step for the self-diagnosis of women.

Two years after the Innovation Award of the German Economy, the state of Baden-Württemberg is also convinced by the cyclotest mini computers. In 1991, the state of Baden-Württemberg awards UEBE Meical GmbH the Dr. Rudolf Eberle Prize for exemplary performance on behalf of Hermann Schaufler, the then Minister for Economic Affairs and Technology.

The cyclotets mini-computer becomes an integral part of natural family planning and hormone-free fertility and continues to set standards.

Due to the success of the cyclotest mini-computers and basal thermometers, the product range was expanded to include in-vitro diagnostics. Pregnancy tests and ovulation tests were included to make cycle monitoring for women even more convenient and reliable.

The success proves us right and made us burst at the seams. A new logistics and storage center was built in the immediate vicinity of the previous location. Additional storage space, places for service and quality assurance were created.

The visomat comfort 20/40 blood pressure monitor, which was launched in 2005, set two new standards. The first was the visoMAX quality cuff, which was unique at the time and is suitable for normal to extra-strong upper arms. This means that it is no longer necessary to change the cuff for upper arm circumferences of 23 – 43 cm. In other words, the ideal family device.

On the other hand, comfort 20/40 has a completely new inflation and measurement technology. The blood pressure is already measured while the cuff is being inflated. Conventional devices first pump up the cuff well above the blood pressure, which can be very uncomfortable for pain-sensitive patients. visomat comfort 20/40 revolutionized the measurement. – As soon as the blood pressure monitor has measured the values, it immediately stops pumping up the cuff. This means that no unnecessary pressure is exerted on the upper arm.

In 2006, the Stiftung-Warentest foundation was also convinced by the comfort 20/40 and awarded it a “GOOD” test rating. The comfort 20/40 is still part of the visomat range today. Over the years, it has undergone several other innovations.

Interesting for heart rhythm patients and diabetics

2 measurement methods, 1 precise value: visomat double comfort is a new generation of blood pressure monitors that provides patients with reliable measurement results and promises pharmacists growing sales potential.

“Wait a minute,” one or the other may now say. “Why a new product? There is already a blood pressure monitor on the market that provides results oscillometrically and according to Korotkow – right?” The answer is a resounding YES. Pharmacists should pay attention to details here for the sake of their patients and customers. There are devices that measure oscillometrically and then transfer the results to the Korotkow method. The visomat double comfort is the first true 2in1 sphygmomanometer that performs two measurements and is available exclusively to pharmacies on the German market. In 1972, visomat was already a pioneer in electronic blood pressure monitors. With visomat digital S, visomat developed the first semi-automatic device based on the Korotkow method and dominated the market for many years. Now, with visomat double comfort, comes another innovative product generation that offers pleasing advantages, especially for heart rhythm patients.

Good for heart rhythm patients
Oscillometric measurement is only suitable to a limited extent for heart rhythm patients because it leads to incorrect results. It does not help if an originally oscillometric measurement is analyzed again in a second step according to the Korotkow method. Oscillometric blood pressure monitors of higher quality inform the user in case of irregular pulse that the results are not reliable. In this case, until now, there was nothing left to do but to measure (again) acoustically according to Korotkow. Although stethoscope devices have been developed for self-measurement in which the microphone is already integrated in the cuff, many users find manual inflation unpleasant and often do not feel completely confident when listening to the pulse sounds. visomat double comfort now offers a completely new level of comfort thanks to its double measurement and fully automatic inflation. Like all visomat products, it features Arrythmia Control, which means that it detects an irregular pulse and warns with a visual signal. The intelligent device includes both measured values in its evaluation and shows the user a reliable result – with measurement accuracy validated according to DIN-EN and ESH. What sounds relatively banal can mean enormous relief for those affected and provide important reassurance.

Unrecognized number: 1 million patients
The number of people in Germany suffering from cardiac arrhythmias can only be estimated. There is no study with concrete data. The German Heart Foundation estimates that there are around one million patients who are often unaware of their arrhythmia. And the trend is rising. Pharmacists who want to play it safe should bear this in mind when selling blood pressure monitors. With a genuine 2in1 measuring device, the pharmacy gives its customers both: the automatic convenience of a practical upper arm device and the reliability of the measurement results, which is so important for medication dosage. This is not only good for patients, it also underlines the pharmacy’s competence and can be very good for business.

The new health set from the visomat brand is here: visomat vision. It includes a pedometer, a scale, a blood pressure monitor and an app that brings together all the data collected.

visomat vision cardio is the blood pressure monitor. The measurement accuracy has been clinically tested, and the measurement is particularly gentle, as measurements are already taken during inflation. The results are classified according to WHO criteria. And another advantage: irregular pulse waves, including atrial fibrillation, are detected and displayed.

visomat vision step is the pedometer. How many steps have I taken today? Have I achieved my goal for the day? The pedometer records the steps taken, distance covered and calories burned. The daily target can be freely defined, but according to the WHO it should be between 7,000 and 10,000 steps.

visomat vision weight ist die Körperwaage und zwar für die ganze Familie. Die Waage erkennt von selbst die Werte von bis zu 4 Benutzern, startet automatisch und misst präzise das Gewicht.

Die visomat App hilft dabei, den Überblick zu behalten. Alle Messwerte, die über die drei Geräte gesammelt wurden, können einfach via Bluetooth auf Smartphone oder Tablet übertragen werden. Die Vitalwerte werden übersichtlich in verschiedenen Diagrammen dargestellt. Bunt, einfach und mit Gemeinschaftsfaktor. Denn Erfolge können geteilt werden. Das Versenden der eigenen Vitalwerte an Bekannte ist mithilfe der App gar kein Problem.

Aktiv werden für die eigene Gesundheit – das ist das Ziel hinter visomat vision. Und das mit Spaß. Lass Gesundheit Deine Motivation sein!

With touch display as well as many additional functions and still highly reliable in its basic functionality – this is the new generation of cycle computers.

For years, cyclotest 2 plus has been a good alternative for women who have decided against the pill or other hormonal contraceptive methods. The minicomputer identifies the fertile phase in the cycle and thus indicates on which days conception is at all possible.

After an intensive development process, the tried-and-tested minicomputer now has company: cyclotest myWay. The new-generation cycle computer maps the same basic functionality: fertile and infertile days are determined by evaluating various ovulation symptoms. The basis is the daily measurement of body temperature. cyclotest myWay is modern and intuitive to use. The current fertility status can be clearly read on the color display. Furthermore, the many additional functions, such as tracking one’s own body mass index, make it fun to use.

cyclotest baby, which has already given the stork a tailwind in many cases, is also getting reinforcements: the new cycle computer cyclotest myPlan provides answers to the question: “On which days can I get pregnant?” The reliable companion on the way to the desired child does not require perfect previous knowledge in the field of Natural Family Planning. Many extras make using the little helper an experience. With the help of the birth date planner, for example, the suitable time for conception can be calculated on the basis of a desired date entered.

Introduction cyclotest mySense basal thermometer & cycle app.
Our smart basal thermometer with Bluetooth cyclotest mySense and the cycle app of the same name combine our many years of experience with cycle computers with smart technology. Our mySense app is also a class IIb medical device and thus officially approved for contraception. Contraception has never been so easy!

The administration building is bursting at the seams. New buildings are occupied in the nearby Külsheim business area. The renovated buildings of a former barracks offer sufficient space to accommodate growth over the next few years.

Society is getting older and older. The need for home care is steadily increasing. Domotherm is the first brand to supply a complete range of products for home care. From hand disinfection gel to gloves and masks. The range includes all products that can be dispensed to statutory care insurers under § 40 of the German Social Code (SGB XI) as part of the flat-rate care allowance.